Saint-Quentin-sur-Isère english summary

At around 15:20 on Wednesday 8 April 2009 near Saint-Quentin-sur-Isère (38) an articulated TDS container lorry travelling on the Grenoble-Valence carriageway crossed the central reservation and collided head-on with a second articulated lorry travelling in the opposite direction.
Two people died ; the drivers of the two lorries.

The direct and immediate cause of this accident is the loss of control of the container lorry due to its driver feeling unwell, probably related to the fact that he was diabetic.

The infrequency of the container lorry driver/owner’s medical examinations could have played a role in this accident ; the driver who had a pathology requiring regular checking of his suitability, was only subject to the driving licence medical examination (every five years in his age cohort) ; his capacity as company manager meant he was excused from the annual occupational health medical examination.

This led BEA-TT to make a recommendation that lorry drivers not subject to the annual medical aptitude examination under the employment code should be subject to more frequent medical aptitude examinations.
In addition, BEA-TT invites companies arranging the transportation of dangerous substances to take steps to ensure the quality of their road transport is constant at all sub-contractor levels.

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