Nouan-le-Fuzelier english summary

On Monday 3 September 2018 at 6.41pm, a 15-year-old teenager was hit by a train as he crossed the tracks on the guarded and closed level crossing at Nouan-le-Fuzelier station. After getting off a TER train serving the station, the teenager had put on a headset and set off to cross the tracks at the back of his train via the level crossing in order to reach the town centre. He was hit by a cruiser train travelling at 145 km/h. He died while being taken to hospital.

The route used, which was shorter than the normal exit but signed as forbidden to passengers, deprived him of observing the level crossing signage which was lit and of stopping by the gates which were closed. His attention was taken up by his smartphone and he did not hear the warning calls of the barrier guard and others who got off the same train. He continued to cross.

The BEA-TT made three recommendations to SNCF Réseau concerning :
- the removal of escape routes to and from the quays at Nouan-le-Fuzelier and Theillay ;
- the improvement of safety and directional signage at Nouan-le-Fuzelier station ;
- the translation of the studies carried out on the knowledge of pedestrian accidents at level crossings into concrete safety actions.

The report also makes an invitation concerning the content of SNCF Réseau’s internal documentation dealing with guarded level crossings.

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