Neufchâteau english summary

On Friday 25 January 2008, a driver at the wheel of a stolen car was being chased by three gendarmes also in a car, on the RD164 near Neufchâteau. The driver arrived at level crossing No. 82 which was closed. He drove round the half-barrier of the level crossing which was lowered and entered the right of way whilst a freight train was passing on track 1, thus blocking road traffic. The stolen vehicle stopped on track 2 waiting for the train to the clear the way. The gendarmes arrived on the level crossing, got out of their vehicle and entered the right of way of track 2 to arrest the driver of the stolen car. Train 49250 then arrived on track 2 and hit the stolen car and the gendarmes.

The three gendarmes and the driver of the stolen car were killed outright or after being sent to the hospital.

The fact that the vehicle entered the level crossing appears deliberate and the level crossing operation was normal.

The BEA-TT, whose investigation was limited to the railway aspects, had no recommendations to make.

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