Cadaujac english summary

On 3 December 2007, at 9:10 a.m., a private car with three people on board entered the right of way of level crossing No. 10 at Cadaujac (Gironde) and fouled the clearance of the on-coming train. The train collided with the vehicle causing the death of the three occupants.

The main cause of this accident was the car driving on to the level crossing with the half-barriers closed.

The analysis of the circumstances could not establish with certainty the reasons for the movement of the vehicle nor the behaviour of the driver.

This accident highlights, in particular, the risk involved in crossing level crossings and therefore the need for drivers to approach them with great care and in perfect control of their vehicles.
Since this accident involved general aspects of road safety, the BEA-TT made no special recommendations but underlined the utility, as part of communications on road safety, of reminding drivers that level crossings are critical points on their journeys and that they must be crossed without any driving errors or mechanical incidents.

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