Boisseuil english summary

Just before 8:30 p.m. on 3 July 2009, at the locality of “Pereix” in Boisseuil (Haute-Vienne), a tractor driver was loading hay bales onto a trailer when it crushed the chocks under its wheels and careered down the sloping meadow on which he was working before coming to rest on the railway lines below.
Passenger train 3661 travelling on this railway line collided with the trailer that had fallen onto line 1 and derailed.
13 people were injured in this accident, one seriously.

The direct cause of the accident was the obstacle on the railway lines caused by the runaway agricultural trailer.
Two factors played a decisive role in the trailer breaking free :
 The inefficiency of the parking brake which failed to immobilise the trailer
 The use of unsuitable chocks

Four factors contributed to the failure of the attempts made to stop the train before the accident :
 The tractor driver’s failure to alert the gendarmerie immediately
 The fact that the driver of train 3661 failed to receive the radio message
 The lack of rigour in the exchange of safety information by radio, which led the train dispatcher to believe that all trains had been notified
 The train dispatcher’s failure to use the emergency electrical shutdown device as a way of stopping the train

This led BEA-TT to issue three recommendations concerning :
 Firstly, the strengthening of recommendations concerning the maintenance of braking devices on agricultural trailers
 Secondly, the improvement of radio warning systems by railway management centres and the introduction of the emergency shutdown into the procedures of the operators of these centres.

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