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On 26 February 2008, two employees were working on the decking of level crossing No. 37 (LC 37) at Bayard, on the Blesmes Haussignemont section at Chaumont. This LC is very close to a canal bridge and the barriers of the two installations work together.
At about 10:20 a.m., the barriers of the LC were lowered at the same time as those of the canal bridge to allow a boat to pass through. Although the barriers of the LC were still not raised, the Safety man authorised the resumption of work. At about 10:25 a.m., the two employees working on the track were surprised by the arrival of a train on track 2. One of the men was hit by the train and was killed.

The investigation revealed that the main direct cause of the accident is the failure to comply with instructions concerning conditions for the resumption of work.

The absence of any warning as to the arrival of the train was a secondary cause of the accident.
The use of installations to inform the flagman of approaching trains, with information beyond that required for safety, may have contributed to a mental model encouraging interpretation and failure to comply with instructions, and the resumption of work under dangerous conditions.

Two recommendations were made by the BEA-TT following this accident. They concern the following aspects :
- the training of the employees and respect for instructions,
- procedures for informing the flagman of the approach of a train.

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