Évry english summary

At 12:09 on Thursday 5 February 2015 on the A6 motorway in the municipality of Évry, following a traffic slowdown, an articulated lorry consisting of a tractor unit and a half-trailer travelling towards Paris from the provinces collided with a light vehicle at the tail of a traffic jam, then with a lorry and finally with a van.
As a result of the collision, the two occupants of the light vehicle died.

The direct cause of the accident was the fact that the articulated lorry did not slow down when approaching the traffic jam on the A6 motorway.
The reason for failing to slow down could have been a combination of factors such as a lack of attention on the part of the driver of the articulated lorry, unsuitable speed for the traffic conditions and failure to keep to the safety distances between moving vehicles.

On this occasion, it was noted that due to the fact that the articulated lorry exceeded the authorised maximum length by 60 cm, it was classified as a category 1 abnormal load. Although technically this excessive length had no effect on the outcome of the accident, the articulated lorry should not have been travelling on the A6 motorway as it was not covered by valid authorisation and was not complying with the authorised travel times for abnormal loads on this section of the A6.

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