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Esquibien english summary

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publié le 17 février 2011

On Wednesday 9 January 2008 at about 12:20 a.m., a coach carrying 22 school children in addition to the driver left the road on a bend on the RD 765 between Audierne and Douarnenez, in the commune of Esquibien in Finistère. The coach turned over on its right hand side, on the embankment below the road.

The toll was limited to 3 slight injuries among the passengers.

The cause of the accident was the coach driver’s lack of vigilance who drove too close to the side of the road until the right hand wheels of the vehicle ran over the verge and then skidded on the wet grass and sank into the loose soil, thus preventing the driver from recovering.

Furthermore, the 3 slightly injured passengers were not wearing their safety belts, undoubtedly like most of the passengers of the coach.

This accident occurred following a moment of inattention, on a well-known road and with no particular problems.
Once again, we should recall the need to wear safety belts, even for this type of trip. Accordingly, a recommendation in this sense was sent to the Conseil Général of Finistère.