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Arles english summary

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publié le 20 avril 2010

At approximately 12.55 pm on 20 January 2006 on the RD 35 secondary road in Mas Thibert (Arles district in Bouches-du-Rhône), a coach of the company “Les Cars de Camargue” on the regular Arles - Port‑Saint‑Louis‑du‑Rhône route suddenly left the road, landed in a ditch and came to a stop against a tree.
This accident resulted in one fatality (the driver) and 35 casualties, four of which were serious.

The direct cause of this accident was the heart attack suffered by the driver, which led to his death.
Two other factors that also played a role should, however, be noted :
- the medical follow-up of the driver,
- the majority of passengers were not wearing seatbelts.

Consequently, the report put forward two recommendations aiming to better formalise relations between occupational health doctors and employers and to increase decision support for occupational health doctors vis-à-vis the risk of alcohol addiction.