Saint-Nicolas-du-Tertre english summary

On 19 April 2005 around 10.30 hours, a training heavy goods vehicle with five people on board, driven in the context of an FIMO training course, left national road RD 8 in the municipal district of Saint-Nicolas-du-Tertre (56). Two people were killed and two seriously injured.
The report was based on the investigations by technical investigators, the results of their investigation communicated by the judicial authorities and the active cooperation of the directors of the transport vocational training body (AFT-FC), which had organised the training course in question.

The initial cause of this accident was the fact that the trainee driver had strayed from the training route onto a narrow road with no margin for correction. The lorry fell into the ditch on the edge of the road and continued its trajectory, crashing against trees planted on the embankment. The four passengers were ejected. The driver was the only person left inside, and he was only slightly injured.

Following the technical investigation, the recommendations issued concerned three areas identified as requiring preventive measures :

- relating to the organisation of training courses in relation to FIMO (Formation Initiale Minimum Obligatoire - Compulsory Minimum Basic Training), FCOS (Formation Continue Obligatoire de Sécurité - Compulsory Continuing Safety Training) and heavy goods vehicle driving licences, particularly as regards :

  • the experience of the instructors and their training background
  • the procedures for taking account of safety in practical driving modules
  • the diverse levels, often very low, of trainees’ experience of driving heavy goods vehicles
  • the choice of training routes for trainee drivers

- the equipment and use of safety belts in training vehicles
- the infrastructure and exploitation of the roads in question which are very hilly and in relation to which the following should be noted :

  • the average excessive speed observed
  • the risks linked to the configuration of certain areas.

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