Saint-Ambreuil english summary

On Saturday 12 July, a little before 09.00, a coach carrying twenty-eight young footballers and their six group leaders was driving on the A6 autoroute towards Paris when it turned over and landed below the motorway at Saint-Ambreuil after several collisions which involved the coach and two light vehicles which were overtaking it.
The accident resulted in one death, nine serious injuries and twelve slight injuries.

The direct causes of the accident were :
- inattention or drowsiness which led to a change in the direction of travel and the first collision between the coach and one of the cars concerned
- the lack of a proper distance between the light vehicles concerned given the other vehicles were travelling in convoy.

The coach passengers not wearing seat belts, which increased the number of injuries by making it easier for some people to be thrown out of the coach to their death or to sustain serious injuries, is linked to two factors :
- the absence of seat belts on most of the coach’s seats
- seat belts not being worn by passengers sitting in seats which did have seat belts.
Following this accident, the Minister in charge of transport has taken two measures concerning the widening of ban on driving children on ’black’ days and the identification of passengers in coaches.

The BEA-TT issued two recommendations concerning :
- equipping coaches with seat belts in particular when children are being carried
- information for drivers on the particular risks of driving in convoy on a motorway.

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