Ogeu english summary

On 26 May 2006, at around 3:40 pm, a semi-articulated lorry, travelling on the RN 134 primary road at Ogeu-les-Bains (Pyrénées Atlantiques) in the Oloron-Sainte-Marie to Pau direction, overturned crushing a light vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.
The accident killed 5 people in the light vehicle and injured 2, one seriously.

It was caused by a loss of concentration by the lorry driver, who allowed his vehicle to drift over to the right-hand side of the road and onto the verge.

At this point, because of the characteristics of the verge, which was unconsolidated and on an incline, the trailer began to slide into the roadside ditch and the whole rig became uncontrollable.
The way in which the passengers were seated in the light vehicle, which unfortunately found itself underneath the tractor unit when it tipped over, evidently worsened the death toll.

Three aspects, relating directly or indirectly to the causes of the accident or its gravity, have already undergone a more in-depth examination in the aim of seeking ways of preventing such accidents :
- the infrastructure,
- the HGV and the way it was being driven,
- the way in which the passengers were seated in the light vehicle.

This report led to just one recommendation, relating to the pursuit of the SURE initiative (Sécurité des Usagers sur les Routes Existantes or User Safety on Existing Roads), and this was sent to the Interdepartmental Atlantic Roads Authority.

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