Montbeugny english summary

At about 23:40 on Thursday, 24 March 2016, a van with a trailer carrying 12 people travelling from Switzerland to Portugal for Easter collided with an articulated truck on National Road No. 79 in the commune of Montbeugny (03).
This accident cost the lives of 12 people, all passengers in the van.

The direct cause of the accident is the decision of the van driver who, without sufficient visibility, attempted to overtake, at an excessive speed, with a vehicle in a deplorable state (worn brakes and tires) and with overload, which was also pulling a trailer in poor technical condition.
The consequences of this action were a head-on collision with an articulated truck and the death of 12 people present in the van and transported in an illegal and dangerous manner (seats illegally added with defective or missing seatbelts…).

Taking into consideration the nature of the causes and circumstances of this accident, BEA-TT can’t formulate specific preventative recommendations. Observing basic rules of the highway code would have without doubt prevented such an accident from occurring.

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