Courteranges english summary

At about 14:40 on 22 July 2014 in the municipality of Courteranges in the Aube department (10), a minibus travelling on departmental road 619 going towards Troyes with nine people on board veered to the left and collided with an articulated lorry travelling in the opposite direction. After this initial impact, the lorry veered to the left and collided with a light vehicle travelling behind the minibus, then came to a halt across the road.
This accident cost the lives of six out of the nine occupants of the minibus and left four people injured : the three other occupants of the minibus, hospitalised for more than 24 hours, and the driver of the lorry who was lightly injured.

The immediate cause of the accident was the fact that the driver of the minibus lost control due to presumed loss of consciousness and veered off his course, colliding with the articulated lorry travelling normally in the opposite direction.
The reason why the driver lost consciousness was probably that he fell asleep at the wheel due to a combination of extreme fatigue due to loss of sleep and severe hypoglycemia caused by prolonged fasting.

Investigations conducted on all technical aspects of the accident did not lead to BEA-TT making any recommendations.
However, the circumstances of this accident emphasise that the driver of a vehicle must be in optimum physical condition before setting out on a trip of several kilometres.

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