Angliers english summary

On 12 March 2007, at 5:55 p.m., a school bus travelling on a town road, rue du Clos de la Chasse at Angliers (Vienne) with 8 school children plus the driver on board, collided with an empty dump truck on the crossing with the RD 52. This accident caused the death of a child, two serious injuries (the driver and a school pupil) and 6 slight injuries.

The main cause of this accident was the coach’s failure to respect the right of way on the junction, as shown by the "Give way" sign.
This failure to respect the right of way was due to the fact that the driver of the coach had not seen the HGV arriving in the opposite direction, owing to a combination of several environmental factors at this time : blinding sun, blind spot on the right hand side of the coach and the position of the victim against the dashboard masking part of the road.

Furthermore, the behaviour of the school children in the coach (fights, movement) was unfavourable for control of the vehicle ; the absence of seatbelts may also have affected the seriousness of the consequences of the accident.

The four recommendations made consist in setting up a form of control of school transport contracts to plan for the gradual disappearance of coaches not fitted with seatbelts and to manage those still in service by optimising their safety. They also recommend the implementation by the Transport Organising Authorities of the management of these services aimed at involving parents more in monitoring the behaviour of their children in such vehicles.

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