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Stade de France english summary

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publié le 26 août 2014

On Saturday 7 March, at about 23.25, a group of about 12 persons walking along the railway tracks near the station of La Plaine Stade de France were hit by an RER B travelling on track 1B towards the station of Mitry-Claye.
These people belonged to a group of supporters from the Nord – Pas de Calais region who had just been to a Lille – Lyon football match at the Stade de France and were trying to get to their coach which was parked in a coach park about 600 m from the stadium.
The accident resulted in two deaths, three serious injuries and one slight injury.

The direct and immediate cause of the accident was the penetration by a group of supporters onto railway property that was not open to the public.

Four causal factors led to this intrusion :
- the disorientation of supporters who were making their way back to the coaches, and found the planned route blocked
- pressure of time combined with the timetable for coach departures
- the protection, that proved insufficient, for service access to the rail bridge
- the inability, on the part of the persons involved, to perceive the danger posed by the railway.

The analysis of these factors led us to make seven recommendations :
- one recommendation concerned the organisation of routes for spectators between the Stade de France and the coach parking areas
- one recommendation concerned the timetable for coaches’ return journeys
- three recommendations concerned the closing off of railway property and signage concerning access
- two recommendations concern thde identification and making safe of facilities at risk situated close to main stadia and other place where there are large numbers of people.