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La Turbie english summary

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publié le 24 février 2020

At 13:30, on Thursday, 17 September 2015, an accident involving a bus, two light vehicles and a motorcycle took place on the A8 highway in the direction of Italy to France at La Turbie toll gate in the commune of La Turbie in the Alpes Maritimes (06).
In this accident one passenger in the bus died and 20 people were injured among the passengers in the bus and the light vehicles as well as the motorcycle driver.
The accident led to the closure of the toll gate in the direction Italy-France and the suppression of the fast lane on the A8 highway in the direction Italy-France.

The direct cause of this accident is the loss of control of a bus by its driver, following an inappropriate speed as it approached the toll gate.
At the bottom of the Turbie slope , this driver wasn’t able to brake before reaching the toll plaza and hit a stationed light vehicle at a high speed (around 112 km/h) causing a chain collision.
The dramatic consequences of this driving error could have been avoided or lessened if the bus driver had respected the 70 km/h speed limit in the descent.

Consequentially, BEA-TT formulated, for the Estérel Côte-d’Azur highway company, a recommendation with regard to the reinforcement of signaling in order to inform heavy vehicle drivers of the dangerous nature of the descent and the importance of controlling their speed.
BEA-TT also recommends to the Alpes-Maritimes Prefecture and Delegation of Road Safety the installation of a speed camera for the La Turbie slope.